Wednesday 31 December 2008

To Live is to Risk

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Visit said...

A beautiful quote and always one to remember. I put myself out there all the time to risks, some are calculated, yes. But because, as your quote says, not to risk is not to live. I prefer living.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Joel and Happy New Year

I found the quote in an unknown book, "Face Dancing" by Neil Gresham. It was published in 1993 after Neil's girlfriend, Rachel Farmer, died tragically young, aged 22. She slipped from a walkway in France whilst on a rock climbing holiday. At the time Rachel was the most outstanding female climber of her generation, a medical student and all-round decent person. The little book is mostly photos, quotes and little snippets of information about Rachel's life. It is a beautiful tribute.

Ali said...

Hi Juliet

I have come across this quote a number of times including at the front of our risk assessment and operating procedures manual! It is always listed as source or author unknown. I haven't yet come across a reference to it.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Ali

How refreshing to see this quote in a RA manual. I find the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents a useful reference point. They advocate practice that is "as safe as necessary, rather than as safe as possible".

Have a healthy, happy and safe New Year!!!