Saturday 8 August 2009

iPhones and Outdoor Learning Part 3

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John said...

Thanks for the mention:-)
Rather than use a doodle app I'd try to get the kids making some environmental art (well sand castles;-) and taking photos of that.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi John

You're right on here! I did cover this briefly in Part 2 suggesting the Sand Doodle apps are really to support a visit to the beach (or desert). I also think the app widens the potential for thinking beyond the env art and sand sculptures - strategy games work well in sand - the simplest of course being Noughts and Crosses. Or quite simply large scale sand doodles. My own son is 12 years old and still loves making trails and following trails made by others in the sand.

Sand is Super!

Best wishes and thanks for posting a comment.