Friday 18 September 2009

Turning Passion into Achievement

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Ali said...

Hi Juliet In the year I was with Active Schools in East Lothian we looked seriously into offering Parkour as an afterschool activity. I jumped ship back to Fife so am not sure if it ever got up an running (great pun eh!)

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks Ali

Once more Active Schools are being at the creative fore of activities being offered, putting the timetabled formal curriculum to shame once again. Have you seen the Edinburgh based Parkour YouTube video - an Extreme Game of Tag?

Not as good as Danny MacAskill on his bike but always nice to see Scotland featured!

The guy who organises the PSCS Parkour class is a former student. He's been into Parkour for a number of years and basically got the whole school enthused!

Mr T said...

I did some Parkour last night, at climbing club with pupils, shhhhh don't tell anyone as I did not put it on the Risk Assesment form !

Juliet Robertson said...

Dear Mr T

Psst! I bet the benefits outweighed the risks which you assessed dynamically as they all bound about! I always forget about nasal hygiene in my risk wrong sniff and I'm doomed as I'm usually without a hanky in my pocket.

Very tongue-in-cheekily yours,