Monday 5 October 2009

ICT Outdoors in the Early Years

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Catherine said...

Hi there

I have tried to send you an email but unfortunately I couldn't get the link to work.I am not sure if you will be able to help me, I am a third year student studying to become a primary school teacher and I am about to undertake a 5000 word research project concerning the use of ICT and the outdoor environment, hence why I have found your thoughts and ideas very stimulating.

I just wondered how far you have gone with your thoughts as I am struggling to find literature or published research regarding the use of ICT in the outdoor environment and wondered if you had come across any and could point me in a particular direction.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading you blog!! Keep it up.

Warm and kind regards

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Catherine

I don't post my email on my blog to avoid spam. However my email address is at the foot of every page of my official website

Would you be able to email me? There wasn't an email linked to your blog profile so perhaps you could try again.

Many thanks