Sunday 10 January 2010

Bad weather, clothes, activities and parents

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Teacher Tom said...

It's been very wet here in Seattle these past few weeks, and my preschoolers naturally insist on playing in the puddles and mud. Just like your teen, many of them refuse to wear their coats and are happily soaked to the skin when their parents arrive to pick them up.

I've always said they'll figure it out through the law of "natural consequences," but after reading this post I'm wondering if there simply isn't a lesson to be learned. Maybe being wet and cold isn't such a bad thing, but WE adults were just taught that it was by our own parents.

Food for thought. Thanks.

Juliet Robertson said...

You're welcome. I think this is one of life's conundrums and so frequently these issues appear within the world of taking children outside.

No-one wants children to suffer unnecessarily but sometimes there's an element of choice in the matter. I used to see children who would deliberately find the wettest part of a playground, such as a broken gutter, to stand under and get soaked and come inside laughing about the experience...surely that's a good thing.

Good to meet you and here's to a future of shared experiences!