Saturday 23 January 2010

Do Be Do Be DO! Mobile Technology & Teenagers

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Teacher Tom said...

I agree. There is definitely a positive place for technology in our children's lives. For instance, I'm much more comfortable with my 13-year-old being out and about, baby sitting, or otherwise being on her own now that she has her own mobile phone. I tend to give her more freedom, which is a good thing.

And to be honest, I've found her involvement with social networking technology (texting, Facebook, etc.) to be largely positive. She's showing herself to be a responsible kid.

And she's taught herself to play the guitar by finding You Tube videos that demonstrate how to play the chords. She's getting quite good!

Our kids are growing up in this world. It's not all bad. We have to help them learn to integrate it into a well-rounded life.

Juliet Robertson said...

Well this is it. The world is a rapidly changing place and I think sometimes we forget that we are all learning to cope with this - children and adults. I also find it funny when people comment on children whilst forgetting about adults. One of my sisters is a demon at speed texting! I find that most of the "negatives" about technology in the context of how they affect children's lives impact upon adults too. Hmm!