Saturday 6 February 2010

Trolls, treasure and outdoor learning

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Unknown said...

Couple of games I used to play with Brownies could be adapted.

One person was lighthouse, one the ship. Once the ship was blindfolded the lighthouse would be placed some distance away and everyone else would sit between ship and light house - to guide the ship towards it the lighthouse says "beep beep", if the ship strays too close to a rock the rock says "splash splash"

Sleeping Beauty
Place 2 chairs in the middle of the hall, Beauty is "asleep" on the chairs (cover with a jacket), others are lined up at end of hall, select one at a time to creep towards Beauty to wake her up, if Beauty hears them approach she claps her hand, they then crouch down where they are. What Brownies loved most was if no one made it to Beauty to wake her up, they would all get up and charge towards her to wake her.

Sure these could be adapted for trolls!

Juliet Robertson said...


Thanks very much for your comments - I think you are right in that your suggested games would work very well in the context of trolls.

I hope others will contribute their ideas too.

Best wishes

Teacher Tom said...

Great ideas, Juliet! I might have to adapt them a bit for my preschoolers, but then again I adapt everything!

I'm excited to give them a try.

Inspired by you and others in the outdoor school movement, my parent community has agreed to experiment with spending half our days outside -- and this is in rainy Seattle. If we like it, we may move to 80 percent outdoors for next year. Thanks.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Tom

You are so right in that most activities can be adapt to the needs of different children - age, ability, number of children, etc.

I'm wondering whether it's worth chatting about some of the issues around moving to 50% outdoors. Are you able to have children inside and out simultaneously?

I'm on skype juliet.robertson. Alternatively contact me via the email on my website

Go for it!