Thursday 4 March 2010

Willow Structures in School Grounds

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Teacher Tom said...

There are many types of willows that grow around here as well. We already have plans to grow bamboo the use as a natural construction material. Maybe we need a little willow too!

Ms. Tonya said...

I love those structures. I have never seen anything like that here in California. Thanks for sharing such a neat idea.

Soph said...

We would LOVE to develop willow structures in our playgrounds but it is considered an environmental pest in Australia and we arn't allowed to grow it. We are trying to find something that can be used in the same way that is native to Australia. Any one know of any alternitives?

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Everyone

Thanks for your comments. I'm learning a lot here! Generally willow likes damp places like river banks, etc. So I'm fascinated that it's a pest in Australia. However I bet there's a native tree that would do instead.

We're limited in Scotland - grape vine and sunflowers don't like our cool climate so making dens from these plants doesn't work as well.

Best wishes

Unknown said...

We (parents and kids) planted a big willow house this winter on the schoolground. If you want to see it "grow":

Now we're waiting for it to sprout... :-)

Best regards


Juliet Robertson said...

This is a super video. Thanks for sending the link Peter. I'll add it to my post!

willowpool said...

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