Saturday 5 June 2010

A Mindstretching Event

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Let the Children Play said...

OMG Juliet - there is a child playing with dangerous string in your photos ;)

I have to admit to being more than a little bit jealous about this event. That is one I would certainly like to attend.

Juliet Robertson said...

Oh Jenny

Let's magnify the concerns. Photos 1 and 2 the child is looking at an acorn nut...NUT...potential allergy there.

Photo 3, uh-oh! It's a wee cliff they are sliding down. Risky and lets hope the centre did a risk assessment for all those bottoms that will have friction rubbings.

Photo 4 - Yep's a dangerous thing, rope is thicker but string is quicker. The wee girl managed to sort out the string all by herself. Fancy that!

Photo 5 - Could this be off the Risk Richter Scale? How many high risk activities is it possible to spot in this one photo?

Photo 6 - Full face photo! Aargh!'s my nephew...

Photo 7 - I'm wondering is it safe for children to hold hands anymore? After all with swine flu and all these other illnesses being passed around....hmm!