Thursday 28 October 2010

Achnasheen Primary - Making the Changes

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation! You are so creative with all the changes, fixes and great play opportunities for the kids. Love the old sinks being used.

Play for Life said...

Wow Juliet! You certainly brought that school back to life. Good for you and the school community for 'saving' it!
Donna :) :)

JW said...

You don't say when all this took place - I envisage it was probably around 8/10 years ago.

The school has been mothballed for the last 5/6 years, and this year it has been agreed to close it completely - no children in the village, I'm afraid. And no likelihood for the foreseeable future.

Such a shame.

You did a great job - you'll be pleased to know the boards are still on the fence in the playground, and it all still looks nice and tidy.