Friday 31 December 2010

The Power of Number 11

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Juliet Robertson said...

And today is a palindrome of sorts! 1/1/11

Unknown said...

I work with Andy. I love your interpretation of the video and the meaning of the number 11 - so great! I hadn't thought about how it relates to children, but it does so perfectly. Seeing it through your eyes makes it feel even more relevant. Thanks.

I thought a little explanation of the making of the video might interest you too:

Steve Alker said...

Fantastic Juliet (Punctuate the phrase as you see fit)

Apart from being a beautiful framework for working with children, I just realised that if you substituted Marketer (ie, my ilk) instead of children, we would actually have a better and more hopeful framework within which to pursue our business and our client's business!

Steve Alker said...

Juliet - The date also works upside down!

Play for Life said...

Everything about this post is beautiful Juliet - Andy's message as well as your own! Have a very happy 2011 Juliet.
Donna :) :)