Sunday 17 April 2011


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den said...

Do love your posts. Will try this. Thanks.

mad said...

i've used dried flowers and petals in homemade paper with kids before... looks really pretty, and the boys got as into it as the girls. ...always make the teacher join in the 'standing on the pile of paper' to squash out the excess water! LOL!

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks for your comments Den - you've a lovely blog too.

Kath - I'd totally forgotten about the whole recycled paper and petals. Gosh it's messy stuff isn't it. What a natural follow on from this.

Oh and my step-sister Sarah did tell me that nylon tights work better than muslin - the tights hold the flowers in place and you knot the ends. Children find this easier she tells me.

Sarah said...

These are so sweet and traditional, and I love the subtle colours. Thanks for the tutorial!