Friday 8 April 2011

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Honey said...

Is it possible to bring all kinds of raw materials after speaking with the children and seeing what happens?

If it's not feasible to build during school...perhaps a community project where the children take "control" of designing, constructing, etc. Guidance to keep things 'safe' or within building guidelines and help would be nice but...let those that use it create it.

Or...perhaps materials that are just there to the side that the children can do with what they will...lumber/rope/pegs/etc ARE the play "toys" so its ever changable with what they wish to create.

Check out playscapes. I forget the addy but they have amazing ideas ...especially the ones where the children have fluid/ever changing play areas.


wondersofnature said...

My wish list would include:

as many loose play materials as possible; sand; water; support from the grounds staff-loose play materials can be seen as 'messy' and finally staff support and training for all staff that supervise outdoor play.

To encourage deep play and the best experiences possible can be hard for adults who keep wanting to make suggestions, lead the play and intervene in 'discussions'.

I can't wait to see what the pupils create...

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Honey

You've hit the nail on the head - this was one of my intended approaches. The challenge is the short timescale of the project. Really my job will be to kickstart the process and hopefully give the staff confidence to continue to evolve the area. This may well involve the wider school and local community in due course.

Thanks for your suggestions

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Julie

Agreed - loose parts are crucial. The mess can be "introduced" gradually if this makes any sense. I think there will be lots of experimentation here - the range of needs is huge and there's mainstream classes too. But a truly inclusive outdoor space is something to go for.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with! I've been collecting lots of ideas and inspiration, I'm sure you'll have some great things to add to it! (