Monday 13 June 2011

Portable seats for outdoor learning

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Unknown said...

I love these ideas! I have some small "stadium seats" I found at the Dollar Store one time. Your post reminded me that I have these hidden away! They would make great portable seats for outdoors! Thanks for the great ideas!

Juliet Robertson said...

Of course! I never thought about stadium seats- we don't have these in the UK per se but I remember the uncomfortable seats in stadiums.In fact I take my portable seats to football matches.

lorna said...

Great blog-it is great this issue is being considered! As chartered physio, specialising in paediatrics, occupational health & ergonomics, I have just developed a wedged floor sitting cushion for children and staff. It can be used in and outside and even on pupil chairs to improve posture.@jollyback

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Lorna

I'm really interested to find out more about your wedge. A sore back is one reason why some teachers and children feel they can't work outside. Every little bit of support helps! Literally and figuratively

Best wishes

Let the Children Play said...

We use the space mats too Juliet - they are light and easy to store and so convenient just to whip out of the storeroom when needed.

Sam Sims said...

sorry for a posting so long after your orignal post!
When I was in guides (many many years ago!) we made our own outdoor mats. Using thick strips of folded newspaper, we weaved the strips to make a square mat. We would then cover the mat with paper (I think!) and decorate to our hearts content. The mat would then be covered in good old sticky back plastic!
I had the same mat for a number of camps so they must have worked!
I am thinking of trying these with the children in September - they would be light to carry around the outdoor space. Will let you know how I get on!

Juliet Robertson said...


I remember making those seats too! Thanks for the reminder!

Sam said...

There is a company in Devon called Putnams that have been making portable seats for 30 years, it's called the country seat.

It's very robust and has been used by my family constalty for years without trouble.

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks Sam

These are interesting links. It's good to have these ready as some times it's the matters like seating which can so easily off-put people from taking children outside.