Saturday 23 July 2011

Making a pond from a tyre

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Inbal said...

Hi Juliet,
If you haven't done so already (I've not seen anything mentioned), stick a log or something into the tire to allow things to come in and out easily. That might get more wildlife into it and will allow anything that accidentally fell in a way to escape :)

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Inbal

Thanks for the suggestion - that was on my "to do" list - what's been interesting is that the marsh marigolds, water mint & the other plant I planted have grown so much that I reckon most wee animals could clamber out on their stems. But I must search out a short plank of wood.

Thanks for the nudge!

Scorpio said...

Hi Juliet,
any sign of pond life yet?

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Megan

The pond is healthy - no nasty niffs come from it which is good but I'm not seeing any surface creatures so I think I may need to visit a local pond.

The plants look like they have survived the winder but I'll see how they grow over the next few weeks.

Thanks for asking!

Best wishes