Thursday 11 August 2011

The Place for Stones: Cowgate U5's Centre

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Let the Children Play said...

I love all the stones - perfect for little hands to carry around and use in their play.

Sunny Ellis said...

Just today I saw my little guy tapping a rock on its side and then pretending to cook eggs. Rocks are the best for kids. Of course they are kind of hard on washing machines.

Juliet Robertson said...

Oh yes - you are so right Sunny - in fact that's a good reminder to remover a stone I've stashed in a trouser pocket!

Thanks Jenny!

inspiredmontessori said...

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Juliet Robertson said...

Thank you very much! How nice and unexpected!

den said...

After being inspired by previous blogs, I shipped out all sorts of wonderful pebbles for us to explore. Twas a bit of a mixed session as I was the only one on garden duty. Some had fun transporting them and building piles, patterns were created, wonder at the weight of the largest of them experienced, and wow you can't half throw them a long way, and don't they make a lovely noise when hitting a window.
I was wondering if others feel we let down children by the ridiculous ratio of 1 to 13 children!
ps love your enthusiasm and commitment. Look forward to new posts.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Den

You've picked up on an interesting point - I think if children aren't used to sticks, stones and other "risky" materials then there is an acclimatisation period. This does mean more creative ways of approaching matters and may involve less stones and less children. However, eventually it does all settle down in most settings (I'm sure there's always one or two that are exceptions that prove the rule).

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words,