Saturday 17 September 2011

Technology for Learning Outside

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Juliet Robertson said... to see how we use GPS technology in our education program. Search GIS, iPod Touch, and Google Earth on our blog to see other ways technology can be used to connect with the outdoors."

(This link came via Facebook but I thought it was worthwhile adding to this post)

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. It's quite a challenge to keep up with the changes in technology and learn to apply them effectively, so all help is appreciated. Thanks.

Juliet Robertson said...

I also got this comment from a friend, who makes a good point

"I love your blog, and have got a lot of inspiration from it !! however I was somewhat disconcerned by the recent post on technology and electronic gadgets.

On of the great things about teaching kids outside is that you can get them away from power sockets and computer technology and teach just using what is in your head and heart !! It is good to show the young generation that you can teach and even live without these things ! You have written so many great posts on these sorts of ideas, for example the one about sticks.

I am not a complete technophobe, I sometimes use a portable digital microscope and my laptop to reveal the intricacies of the microscopic world to children, but I think it is also importtant to teach that there is a huge environmental cost to out love affair with electronics. Strip mining for rare minerals for components is causing devastating habitat loss in Brazil, Bolivia and Madagascar for example.
I attach an interesting paper which suggests that using old fashioned books may be a greener alternative to using on-line resources, mainly because books can be used for many years !

This is not meant to be a rant :) so I hope it does not come across as one ! Just a freindly dialogue to discuss ideas !

Keep up the good work."