Wednesday 2 May 2012

Guerrilla Environmental Art

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Kierna C said...

What a brilliant idea & I'm sure you will bring a smile to the childrens' faces tomorrow, never mind anyone else who encounters them tonight. Thanks for another good idea for outdoor fun - must get the clay out! Kierna

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, we did a very similar thing in our forest schools. We went to the woods and created some woodland creatures out of clay and left them hidden in trees and under roots to be found!

I have a question; what clay do you use? We used some old air dry clay that was still a little tacky but we found it hard to get it to stick to tree bark, any ideas?


Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks both Stuart and Kierna for your kind comments and thoughts.

Stuart - the clay was the standard school grey clay. I bought this batch from TTS a couple of years ago. To keep it moist I keep it wrapped in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel and then keep this in an air tight container. This seems to do the trick.

Best wishes

Tom Bedard said...

Thanks for the link to Stories from Space. I also like the proverb. And what a positive way to approach such a dreadful problem. Great life lesson.