Saturday 23 June 2012

Literacy Trails in Outdoor Spaces

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Tom Bedard said...

Juliet, I have never used trails, but your post made me think that they are a great metaphor for life. We are all making trails and leaving clues for others to follow. If the clues are well done, following is easy. Of course, there will always be room for those who follow to break off and make their own trails. Sorry for the ramblings, but your post did get me thinking. Thanks.

Juliet Robertson said...

What an apt metaphor! Thanks for your comment, Tom

I'm currently planning for a trail-blazing journey through the Cairngorms! I think trails in all senses of the word are full of untapped potential for the education sector.

Lesley said...

trails were my favourite thing about girl guides...that and camping. i am going to find a way to incorporate them in our outdoor learning next school year!

Juliet Robertson said...

Oh Lesley

I think you'll really enjoy this - I don't know what age you teach but it fits naturally into literacy and social subjects.

Best wishes