Saturday 2 June 2012

The Moveable Bench

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Kierna C said...

So true & I love the wine crates, they are so hard to get here. I think that's why our milk crates are so popular because they make natural seats yet are so easily moved about. I got a phone call from the Cosy people last week to let me know postage for my order was going to be £30 & did I want to proceed - oops, but thankfully the Acting principal signed off on it!

Juliet Robertson said...

Your order with Cosy may arrive on wooden pallets! So you at least get something extra!

The wine boxes came from my sister-in-law who works at a hotel and also sourced some of the bread crates for us.

Apparently they are in high demand by designers etc.

Let the Children Play said...

This is right up my alley Juliet! I agree with you - I love seeing kids move things about as it speaks volumes not only about ownership of their environment but also that they are in an environment that gives them the trust and permission to do so. It might get messy, but it is real, hands-on play.

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks Jenny - very good point about the trust and permission given.