Saturday 7 July 2012

Making Spiders Webs Outside

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cecilia said...

I loved your web ideas. More creative than mine I think.
I took a rather different approach, making a game.
Using bungee cord between large beech trees and carefully tied at intervals we set up one huge web for children aged 3 - 8 years. The children then tied themselves onto this web to be spiders with ordinary rope and other children were flies who had to try and negotiate the web without being "eaten" by the spider.

You have to be very careful the bungee cord is fixed so it does not "ping".

amy butler said...

For summer camps here in Vermont we theme our afternoons to set the tone for singing, story, and creative play. After telling the native tale of how grandmother spider stole the sun children immersed themselves in building elaborate webs in the forest. Preschoolers, imagination, and string. That is fun!!