Sunday 30 December 2012

The Potential of a New Year

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Tom Bedard said...

Juliet, I read your post quickly and went to bake a cake. As I mixed, I kept thinking about your post and the YouTube video and all the little rays of hope all over the world. But for some reason, I thought the name of your book was Play Dirty. It's funny how the mind works. Maybe if you take a walk in the woods, bake a cake, or play dirty, the beginning will come. All the best in the new year, Tom.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Tom

Thanks so much for your thoughts - I'm forever mixing up names, numbers, phrases and I guess the title of my book is going to be yet another to add to the list.

Funnily enough, one of the points I make in the book is that teachers, being the roots in their school community, have this amazing ability to extract goodness from whatever the surrounding dirt contains and channel that into making children flourish and succeed. After all they are the fruits of the system...