Saturday 2 February 2013

12 Tough Outdoor Resources for Play and Learning

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Kierna C said...

Great list Juliet & I'm sure it will prove invaluable to any schools trying to start a collection of loose parts. I think the key os that most if not all can be sourced for free or very little. On the cable drum, I have one that is now 6 years old & just starting to show signs of wear & tear. Kierna

Let the Children Play said...

You've got most of my favs Juliet :) I also love a good old wooden pallet. They do eventually start to rot, but we have fun taking them apart then with the kids. Bamboo poles are also always handy, and plastic garden pots.

Juliet Robertson said...

Funnily enough Jenny I debated whether to have the good old wooden palette in here... the good ones are fab but this can vary from palette to palette.

I'm wondering how big your bamboo poles are. The ones we get here are too thin and weedy and whippy compared to our native sticks. But I loved the bigger poles I saw in Japan.