Thursday 11 March 2010

Art in the School Grounds

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allie said...

Thanks for sharing about KapKa - I used to live in Seattle and I iften heard about KapKa from colleagues. Art is definitely not just for inside!

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Allie

Thanks for visiting! I just loved the indoor-outdoor approach to art. The day I visited some of the Elder children were outside for an art lesson looking at the trees as an example of negative space. Fantastic!

Best wishes

Unknown said...

Hi Juliet, we enjoyed having you visit our school and it's lovely to see your photos as well. One point of clarification would be that we call ourselves a primary school. It's great to read about the other places your travels took you! All our best, Signe at KapKa Cooperative School

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks Signe for your thoughts and feedback. I do apoloise for referring to KapKa as an infant school - here in Scotland, primary schools are for 4-12yrs olds so it was to avoid confusion for the British readers! I'm just sorry that the posting doesn't do justice to all the other good things about KapKa and how its approach develops leadership and creativity and a host of other positive things. Best wishes!