Thursday 8 July 2010

A Visit to The Coombes CE Primary School

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Let the Children Play said...

It is my absolute wish that there were more schools around like this one. What a wonderful place to grow and learn.

I just got back from a progressive education conference in Victoria at the Hurstbridge Learning Co-op and was similarly inspired by their outdoor learning environment and the amount of time they spent in it. I'll post soon about it too.

Thanks for sharing this Juliet :)

Teacher Tom said...

What an amazing place, Juliet! Thanks for sharing it.

I especially like that it's "not pristine," and that they rely on parents -- that's my kind of school.

Juliet Robertson said...

Yes - it's an interesting place because most schools which are doing this sort of thing are very small. Whereas over the 35 years this school has existed, the ethos has evolved and remained strongly rooted in authentic learning experiences. Furthermore, SATS results and other standardised forms of assessing schools demonstrate that this school can meet these standards too. It gets "outstanding" OFSTED school inspections.