Friday 3 December 2010

Edublog Awards 2010

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Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Amazing choices!

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

What wonderful choices!

Let the Children Play said...

Juliet, thrilled beyond belief by your kind words about Let The Children Play - this means much to me coming from you :)

Teacher Tom said...

Thanks for working so hard to draw our attention to these awards and for promoting all of us so much, Juliet!

It was probably on FB that you wrote that you felt it was time for preschool teachers to get more recognition. Rock on, sister! Let's start working on that together.

And I am sooo flattered! You are too kind. =)

Amber Greene said...

Yay! EC teachers unite! Great to see you are promoting life in the outdoors with young children. I run two playgroups from my home in Oz, and the biggest drawcard is the outdoor space. My blog is if you want to have a squiz! My friend Felicity just gave me a link to Jenny, who led me to you. I'm stoked to find like-minded EC teachers out in blog land! PS A friend of mine has just started a version of a forest kindergarten playgroup in Brisbane. I'll visit in the new year and write about it so keep an eye out!

Anonymous said...

Great choices! I am clicking over to all of them.
Hope they all get the award.

Lina Staub said...

Thank you! I tried to go to "A Numb Butt makes a Numb Mind" but that link goes to Teacher Tom's blog (which I love, don't get me wrong!) But I am curious about the other one too! I couldn't find that blog when I googled it. If you could fix the link I would be so happy! thx again!

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Carolyn

This blog post was for the nomination stage. Sadly "Numb Butt" didn't make the shortlist.

I'll put a quick blog post on Sunday to encourage a few more visitors to go to the voting website.

Thanks for trying.

Best wishes