Sunday 16 January 2011

Big Outdoor Musical Instruments

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Let the Children Play said...

This is one area we are sorely lacking in in our outdoor area. We have a banging post we made by nailing pots and pans to a post, but that is it. I'm not sure what else would work - or what we could afford to add. I love the big instruments in your photos but am thinking they would all be pretty expensive.

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Thanks for linking up to our blog. I always love the continued inspiration you give for improving our outdoor space!

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Jenny

I think experimenting with cheap homemade instruments from different loose parts is the way to go.

All the examples in the blog posts of the big instruments were paid for through fund raising, accessing grants or through ring-fenced funding rather than a school's "Per capita" or "equipment" budget.

My own preference is to hire an artist, sculptor or talented craftsperson who works with children to create a bespoke product that is a source of interest and beauty as well as sound.

Unknown said...

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Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Peter - Get in touch via my website