Saturday 8 October 2011

Water play with blue tarp and tyres

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Kierna C said...

Love this post Juliet, tyres & tarp - 2 of my staples :)
I love to see primary schools taking this kind of activity on board, I do think Scottish schools seem to be ahead in this.

Play for Life said...

I LOVE this Juliet! Tyres and tarps are the PERFECT combination ... What a great idea!
Donna :) :)

Males in Early Childhood said...

This is so cool! I will be stealing this idea some time in the future. I love how you got chn to engage who are usually reluctant.
Well Done!

Scott said...

This is a really fun activity, Juliet. Water play, full body!

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks everyone!

Kierna - I don't think Scottish schools are necessarily any further ahead than other UK countries. I work in a school with a positive and proactive head teacher and school buildings manager who understand that children learn through play.

Sherry & Donna - tarp and tyres are a beautiful combo indeed. I think this post only scratches the surface of a long term relationship of potential here!

Greg - I think the children were naturally hooked in - I'd seen the same girl being fascinated by floating balls on water and thought more water play might appeal.

Scott - you are so right! One child even dunked his head in the water!