Saturday 19 November 2011

Outdoor Literacy Activity: Sticky Letters

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Unknown said...

Juliet, this is a perfect way to introduce letters! Will definitely be trying this soon.

Hoping you'll be linking this up to this week's Outdoor Play Party! (hint hint!)

Scott said...

I love this idea, Juliet. Mixing literacy and outside/nature isn't always the easiest thing to do but this idea is perfect.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Scott

I think it's getting over the initial hurdle of just knowing about the possibilities. I'm planning on posting more about this in due course.

The down side of this activity is that I created the sticky letters beforehand which if one has a class of 25 or 30 children is a tall order. However with most classes, I would probably make that the challenge of the previous day - to create the letter board.

I think it would make a nice activity for parents to do at home with their child too. A walk and play in the park would be a must as part of this!!!

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Love this idea. I enjoy any idea that incorporates the outdoors with learning. I have done a video that has several ideas on taking handwriting outdoors. You can view it at YourTherapySource.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! My daughter is not quite ready for this, she would need a lot of help with what starts with S but very shortly I think we will be able to tackle this no problem! Great idea.
Thanks for sharing it with the outdoor play party and for sharing the link up with your readers!