Saturday 11 August 2012

Early Years Blogs - An Outdoor Thank You

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Kierna C said...

4 years you are a true trail blazer! Thanks so much for all your support, advice & kind comments. My blog would never have existed but for you.

Juliet Robertson said...

Funnily enough it was my son's school who introduced me to blogging. His head teacher had a year-long exchange to Australia back in 2006 and he blogged about it.

The hardest part is definitely the beginning. I was worried that I wouldn't manage to write enough posts and it's amazed me how the online-ink has flowed.

Anyway, that's always an ongoing concern. Thanks for your comments, as usual.

Lesley said...

Thank you Juliet. I am so honored to be included here, but mostly I just enjoy your posts. I printed out the poisonous plant one and hung it on the school bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Juliet, thanks so much for placing my blog in such illustrious company - I really don't know what to say except that I certainly wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for you and the other bloggers you cite.

You blog is an ongoing inspiration - to get children (and us adults!) outside and learning through hands-on play. Thanks for all the wonderful information you share both here and on Facebook.


Förskoleburken said...

And Thank You! I think I first found your blog via your wonderful painted stones...

Love your dedication and it's always fun to read your posts about Sweden.

Wanted to give you a tip from a Swedish outdoor-blog whick is
greatly inspiring:

and here's a post I did about a wonderful park in Stockholm:


Scott said...

Congrats Juliet! Thanks for the mention.

Your blog is great. I always have new ideas and inspiration after reading it.


Thank-you Juliet, I feel very honoured and humbled to be in amongst this wonderful crew of outdoorsy bloggers. We are all very passionate about what we do (sometimes too much so!), and you have been an inspiration many! ;)

Males in Early Childhood said...

You are too kind Juliet. You are amongst the leaders of the pack when it comes to blogging about early years learning. If I can become one tenth the inspiration you have become I will be happy.

Thanks for the mention by the way. It is truly humbling.

Males in Early Childhood said...

Congratulations on four years of world leading blogging. You are an inspiration to all in the early childhood field & I am honoured to know you. Thank you for the mention and if I can become one tenth the blogger you are than I will be happy.

Aunt Annie said...

Well, thank you so much for the mention, Juliet.

I must say that one of the things that attracted me to your blog from the first time I saw it was your integrity, and it's so typical of you to thank those who've given you a leg up in one way or another. Many of the blogs you mention have also been guiding lights for me in my blogging journey- the support of other bloggers is so important, as sometimes we can feel like we're a solitary voice crying in the wilderness (especially about risky / outdoor play!).

May you blog for many years more!

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks to everyone who's posted comments whilst I've been asleep! It was a lovely wake-up surprise.

The criteria for inclusion in a longer mention is that the 10 blogs long-listed here are those which appear on Google analytics to send me the most readers. There are others that do too, but not necessarily pre-school ones.

The short-listed blogs is simply that I ran out of puff but I wanted to acknowledge your support, comments, feedback and camaraderie through this blog and on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is irrelevant to how many visitors you send to my blog because it's about friendship that is created through online mechanisms.

Maria - many, many thanks for your comments and links. Your blog created a dilemma for me because it is written in Swedish and I didn't know whether to include it or not. I think I will amend the post to do so after your prompts.

Thanks again everyone.

Förskoleburken said...

Dear Juliet, I know it's a bit of a hassle that my blog's in Swedish, I realise it drives people away, but I simply don't have the time to write in English too. I have a translator box though, but it's not perfect.

Do forgive me if I came out to be fishing for you to include my little blog in your post, that was not my intention att all!

Thanks again for all inspiration through the years, and this great list.


Tom Bedard said...

Juliet, I am a little late with my thank you. I have been hiking on the North Shore of Lake Superior, a place you would dearly love. It is wild with lots of trees, streams, rocks, waves and a night sky to rival Scotland.

I follow many blogs, but yours is one I read every time from beginning to end. Congrats, Tom

Juliet Robertson said...

Tom - I purposefully didn't contact you or many others on the list as I didn't really want or need any thanks.

On of my favourite photos is of my husband walking along the north shore of Lake Superior - you are right,it is an amazing and beautiful place that one day I hope to return to.

Best wishes

PS Maria - earned on merit - as with others :)