Saturday 23 March 2013

Does Money Grow on Trees?

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Juliet Robertson said...

Many thanks to @sureshniranam for directing me to information about Kalpavriksha - Divine Wishing Trees in different parts of Asia.

Kierna C said...

I have often wondered why coins were put in trees, it is quite common here too. There is one in the forest we go to in the 3rd term & it fascinates the children.

Juliet Robertson said...

How interesting! The other thing I tried to find out more about was the tradition of pushing a horseshoe into the bark of a tree at a right angle. There was one in a tree near one of my childhood houses. We used to try and throw a stone through the horseshoe for good luck.

Sadly I couldn't find any information about this when I did an internet search. Maybe it was something my mum and her family made up.