Sunday 30 November 2008

Frozen Thoughts on Ice

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Visit said...

What a great post! I remember as kid growing up on Long Island, when the winters here were much colder, I would ice skate on our local ponds. Unfortunately, we never seem to get those lasting temperatures any more. Of course, in the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains up state New York, the winters can be quite brutal.

I immensely enjoyed reading about your years in Canada. What an incredible life adventure. I was in Alaska in 2006, fishing for a week on the Kenai Peninsula, and clearly it was not difficult to imagine the cold winters there. Telephone poles marked off the number of snow in feet and often the markings would go as high as 12, 13, and 14 feet.
I've never been to Scotland but I can "feel" the culture and sense the great warmth of the people.
P.S. I think I'm getting the rhythm of blogging.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Joel

Our frosty weather continues over here and it's just a lovely change. But Alaska is another different story! My son decided to go to soccer practice wearing just a T-shirt and it did occur to me that's outwith Alaska he's the only kid who wouldn't think minus 3 degrees centigrade is on the cold side!

I gave myself the summer holidays to get used to blogging. I'm just pleased that I've found a weekly blog very manageable. According to all the business and marketing experts, good blogs get up dated a minimum of three times per week! However I have a life outwith my blog so I guess I'm in the "not so effective" blogging category. LOL!

Anyway. Thanks for getting in touch. Enjoy ice fishing this winter!

Best wishes