Thursday 4 December 2008

Snow of wonder, snow of joy!

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Visit said...

Snow turns us all into little children, and for the truly young children it is a fairyland of spectacular awe.
I love snow. It is a gift that often comes and goes too fast. Long Island, NY, doesn't see many big snow storms these days. In fact, we probably haven't had a good fall for more than 3 years, maybe longer.
Today, though, I leave for the Catskill Mountains and there I do expect to see snow. In January I will be traveling to Vermont to ski and, there too, I will see snow.
Maybe it's intended to be just that, an occasional gift that reminds us all that we still are children in many ways?

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Joel

I think your comment is spot on. It is one of the rare times we see many more adults get outside to play is when the snow is about.

I hope you had a good trip to the Catskill Mtns.