Friday 12 December 2008

Counting my blessings on my fingers

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Visit said...

Don't be despondent. Be happy!
Long Island weather is mild compared to the snow/ice storm upstate New York experienced in the last day or so. Ten counties have been claimed disaster counties by State Governor Patterson. Electrical lines are down, power is out; trees are down, roads are blocked, and people are hunkered down.
I'm lighting the fireplace and putting another pot of coffee on and writing!
Happy days,
Long Island, NY

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Joel

We've been having the most severe winter since 1976 in the UK. It's been great! I am a bit of a fan of winter. Nevertheless it's not reached the state of emergency which seems to have happened in upstate NY and I hope the services are restored soon for all those poor folk.

All the best with your writing - if your photos on your website are any indication, then clearly your material will be good!

Visit said...

You're a sweetie! Thank you.
The fireplace has been burning all day long. Nice and cozy now. It's around 6 p.m. New York time. Still writing, still blogging, and still trying to learn all this stuff.

mad said...

there are really, really cheap ones at Tesco, Juliet!! ...they come with a pair of gloves, (for fashion victims)but are cheap and cheerful (about £5 a pair including the gloves, which can always be used later to warm up the fingers!)

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Mad

Thanks for the top tip on the wrist gaiters. I will have to go and have a look, especially as the sales are on. My other bright idea was to snip the heel and toe off worn out socks. The Fashion Police may arrest me but at least my hands will be warm as the fluffy pink handcuffs go on! LOL!