Sunday 4 April 2010

A Controversial Week

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Lisa said...

What a fascinating post! I get very defensive if anyone even tries to bring controversy to outdoor ed. You are so right about the difficulties of the move from the state of fear to freedom for our children. My oldest climbed a white pine the other day to the very top. Honestly, I couldn't look, I had to walk away; but came back on her way down and applauded.


Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks for your thoughts Lisa! You've touched on what I call the "Eek" factor. This is when a child does something that you find really hard to watch but you know you need to let them go ahead - meanwhile your brain is squeaking internally like a distressed hamster.

Oh yes - you've a super blog, btw

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Wow, they are really interesting scenarios and not ones which I have really considered (or come across in my teaching career). Definitely food for thought.

Juliet Robertson said...

Thanks for your contribution Christie - I think the beauty of teaching is that every year I get faced with scenarios that are new to me! It makes the job interesting.