Wednesday 7 April 2010

The Hidden Park

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Teacher Tom said...

This looks very cool, Juliet. Now I just have to have the courage to let my preschoolers handle my phone!

And I wanted to thank you for your sand pit tips. They are very useful.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Tom

The app is surprisingly cool. If you have an iPhone, do take the chance with your children - I regularly take mine in and out of nursery classes and the children are really good with it - some can use it independently too.

I thought they wouldn't cope with the photo button being above the main black button but they do! The children who like their computers can learn how to upload and do a slide show independently on my MacBook. Interestingly, Cathy Bache, who runs the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery uses laptop and digital camera to review the day and plan with the children what they will do tomorrow.

Best wishes

SquiggleMum said...

Based on your recommendation we're totally going to check this app out. My three year old loves taking photos with my iphone so this will certainly appeal to her. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to post here rather than message you, but I couldn't find a way to send you a message. The color scheme of your blog makes entry titles difficult to read and I could only find links by highlighting the page.

Juliet Robertson said...

Hello Anna

Thanks very much for getting in touch. Let me know what colour schemes work better!

I have an email contact on "View my Profile" at the top right side of my blog. Click on this and then look on the left side.

Alternatively, my "real" website has a contacts page and my email at the foot of every page.

Please do get in touch. I did check to see if you'd left any details on your Blogger ID.

Best wishes