Thursday 29 December 2011

Progression in Using Places for Learning and Playing Outdoors

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Anonymous said...

These may seem musings to you Julia but they are an essential read for every teacher that continues to confine learning to an indoor environment and only occasionally explores outdoors when it is dry.
Wonderful ideas as ever.

cherib said...

Juliet, every time I read your musings/writings I am inspired to GET OUTSIDE with my students! I live just south of Seattle, WA, so I'm going to check out those yellow pants...I bet the store was REI.

Thank you!! Thank you!!

Juliet Robertson said...

Thank for the kind feedback. You are correct - they are REI yellow pants - cheap and effective. I bought a black pair for my son and are now part of my bank of clothing for children.

Kierna C said...

Brilliant post as ever Juliet and you're right most outdoor learning experiences are felt to have to take place off the school campus. In the past I have gone to organised activities where the children are not actually allowed to be free in the environment. I look forward to seeing where else you will take the learning in 2012