Monday 22 November 2010

Relationships are all there are

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den said...

Very hearten to have come across your blog.
Keep up good work.

Teacher Tom said...

There are a lot of people ready to trash the online world as a soulless, superficial place, and sometimes it is, but like you I've also found it a real place, full of real people who I would never have gotten to know otherwise.

I've found myself staying away from the parts of the internet where anonymity is the rule -- it brings out the worst in people. Those are the back allies, I suppose. But here in the light of blogging, FB and other venues it's empowering to find that most of the people, most of the time, are ones I'd like to know better.

You're one of those, Juliet, I'm sure sorry we missed one another. Next time!

Let the Children Play said...

I loved reading this post Juliet, and can second all that Tom wrote.

Play for Life said...

Hi Juliet, what a surprise to scroll down and see myself on your blog! I totally agree with you - Donna and my lives have become way more enriched this past year through our interactions with the blogging community!

Love Sherry

Play for Life said...

Juliet this is a lovely post and Sherry and I are thrilled to have connected up with you through blogging! ... and that photo of Sherry has really made my day ... HYSTERICAL hahahahahahah!
Donna :) :)